Edith Sepp
Phone: +372 627 60 62
E-mail: edith(at)filmi.ee

Piret Tibbo-Hudgins
Head of Production
Phone: +372 627 60 64
E-mail: piret(at)filmi.ee

Filipp Kruusvall
Documentary Film Commissioner
Phone: +372 627 60 00
E-mail: filipp(at)filmi.ee

Peep Pedmanson
Animation Film Commissioner
Phone: +372 511 9132
E-mail: peep(at)filmi.ee

Kristina Märtin
Production Assistant
Phone: +372 627 60 69
E-mail: kristina(at)filmi.ee

Endel Koplimets
Film Projects' Budget Consultant
Phone: +372 627 6002
E-mail: endel(at)filmi.ee

Nele Paves
Film Estonia Commissioner
Phone: +372 627 31 41
E-mail: nele(ät)filmi.ee

Eda Koppel
Head of Marketing
Phone: +372 627 60 63
E-mail: eda(at)filmi.ee

Aurelia Aasa
International Distribution Coordinator
(cover for maternity leave)
Phone:+372 627 60 68
E-mail: aurelia(at)filmi.ee

Mirjam Mikk
Marketing Assistant
Phone: +372 627 60 68
E-mail: mirjam(at)filmi.ee

Rain Põdra
Head of Film Heritage Department
Phone: +372 627 60 04
E-mail: rain(at)filmi.ee

Mikk Rand
Project Manager of Film Literacy
(cover for parental leave)
Phone: +372 627 60 04
E-mail: mikk(at)filmi.ee

Triinu Keedus
Project Manager of Film Heritage Department
Phone: +372 627 60 04
E-mail: triinu(at)filmi.ee

Anu Ernits
Creative Europe Estonia, Media office manager
Phone: +372 627 60 65
E-mail: anu(at)filmi.ee, media(at)looveuroopa.ee

Hanna Rea 
Head of Office
Phone: +372 627 60 60
E-mail: hanna(at)filmi.ee

Madis Niinelt
Phone: +372 627 60 66
E-mail: madis(at)filmi.ee


EFP announces the first digital edition of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2020

EFP's networking programme PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE will take place as originally planned from 11 to 15 May, 2020, and independently of the Cannes Film Festival which has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 20 selected up-and-coming European producers will meet online this year and present their projects in speed meetings and roundtable sessions. A case study as well as talks with experts will round out the digital programme running over five days.


Two Estonian documentaries set to screen at the Hot Docs film festival

Tuesday, April 14, the program of the prestigious documentary film festival Hot Docs, which takes place in Toronto, was announced and two Estonian films are included in the lineup. "A Loss of Something Ever Felt“ by Carlos E. Lesmes Lopez and "Immortal“ by Ksenija Okhapkina from the program titled The Changing Face of Europe were chosen for the festival's World Showcase section.